Lightning protection

Lightning protection

As everyone knows thunderstorms mean risk to people and manufacturing processes. We, the market leader in lightning protection, offer (customised) solutions for security systems. The result is a safe environment and continuity of the manufacturing process.

Optimum protection is customised work. It also depends on the risk and the desired extent of protection in comparison to the cost. Every situation is different, every object is different. We offer governments and organisations the opportunity to optimally protect electrotechnical infrastructures, building structures and installations during thunderstorms and when lightning strikes.

We use Nuveau© (baseline safety level measurement) to provide insight into what is required (detection, protection and/or inspection) in order to craft the protection you want. Van der Heide also carries out a safety and continuity analysis based on which we design an integrated, customised system. 

Lightning Inspection

Regular inspection of your lightning protection installation is necessary to guarantee proper functioning when it is needed. Van der Heide offers various inspections to this end. Examples are inspection of the lightning protection, overvoltage protection, earthing, earthing control units and potential equalisation.

Customers can also sign a basic contract or a no-risk contract. This has many advantages: a contract saves costs, extends the lifespan of the protection installation AND prevents unforeseen or non-budgeted maintenance costs.

In addition to inspection of the protection installation, our inspectors can also inspect your fall protection installation at the same time, thereby saving you time, money AND preventing unnecessary accidents at your company.

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