Cathodic protection

It is the number one enemy of pipelines, sheet piling, bridges, storage tanks, swimming pool filters and other metal objects located in the ground or in water. Corrosion attacks the metal as a result of which it loses its properties. The metal parts become thinner and holes sometimes even occur. This results in hazardous situations such as leaks, environmental damage and interruptions in business operations.

Durable and financially viable

Protection against corrosion is of vital importance to people, companies and the environment. Legislation also contains requirements related to the protection of specific objects (for example, underground tanks). A good coating is not sufficient as it can become damaged or age. Cathodic protection is a method designed to protect metal objects in the ground or in water from corrosion. The principle? Anodes and a rectifier supply the object with a continuous low (protective) current. This absorbs the corrosion as it were and your object remains rust-free and in good condition.

Analysis first, followed by development

You are looking for a solution that is a perfect fit for your requirements: in other words 100% customization. This is something that you can expect from us. We do not install and mount cathodic protection without first conducting a thorough analysis of your object and situation. Because the system must of course be durable and affordable. What is your look-ahead horizon? At what ‘safety level’ do you wish to operate? You will be given objective advice and provided with a customized solution.

Your situation may require a new cathodic protection design. Do you require support in preparing specifications, budgeting or managing & maintaining the system? All of this is possible. We ensure the client does not need to be concerned about any of the project phases. You maintain control while we help you where necessary and desired.

Controlled implementation

Cathodic protection is suitable for new and existing objects. Examples include underground pipelines, tanks, sheet piling, sewer pumping stations, swimming pool filters, ships, offshore structures and other hydraulic or underground works. Cathodic protection also prevents the corrosion of steel reinforcements in concrete structures (concrete rot).

Van der Heide is equipped for delivering, installing and mounting cathodic protection systems. These systems are installed using a project-oriented and consultative approach with the client’s plans as the central focus. We carry out the entire project, ranging from consulting to implementation.

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